Thursday, May 11, 2017

How would you chase happiness

Happiness is not a specific moment. Lot of people chase happiness . They try to find  moment to be happy. Like they are waiting that If it hapend I will be happy . But when that moment come at their life they again say that I am ok with that but it is not like as I planned.

                         If I ask you that what makes you happy then you will start with a long list. As- if I get a lot of time to sleep then i will be happy. OR if I get a long holiday at abroad , then Iwill be happy.

                              But question is , What really make us happy?  and  Is it permanent.........

                                      Answer is -   NO... 


                                Then what is needed for being happy every moment

 To explain well , I would like to share my life experience here
4 years ago i join a company as an consultant trainer. I was happy with that . one day one of my senior suggest me to go for permanent job. my friends and my family also suggest  me same. well i start my journey with new dream and after some tries I got one at my city.I was feeling very good and flying almost in sky. Like everyone one I was feeling dreams come true and decide to touch high. I was filled with new energy and enjoying my job. I thought that now journey has been started and now I will be more happy. But after sometime I felt that it has occupied my all time. As now I didn't have time for my family and for me. It make me depressed that now I can't do what I love to do.
Well life was going on. But suddenly I lost my job.I was searching for new but incidentally I come in contact with my family doctor as my son was becoming ill frequently. He suggested to be with him as he was feeling alonenesss. So I quite working life and paid full attention to my son . But still I was not happy. I was feeling unlucky myself. 
      Days were passing like that. Suddenly I happened to meet my old friend and told her everything that how sad I was.
   She was surprised and remind me that how kind of person I was. She told me that happiness is not a specific moment. Just accept your present and do preparation about your future. You will become happy automatically.
  After her left, I sat alone and think, yes she was right . I used to be happy every moment but now I have lost me and my self. I reminded that when I was in job I was not happy also, and wishing for time for me and family. Now I have a time but still I am not happy
   Friends I found the reason and sharing here with you all. I was used to be happy every moment , because I never set any parameters for being happy. I used to accept every moment as whatever is going on, is great....Wow... Today I experienced something new. I never took burden of any change and it made me more strong and bold. 
     Friends actually problem is that we ever try to reject our present and wish to live our future presently. We forget that whatever we are doing now it will decide our future. So make sure , you are not waisting your present in worrying for future. 
       Remember .....We become sad when we become unsatisfied and assume self useless.

Just accept your present and do your 100%towards your dream. Don't compair yourself then other's. Your are not there but you will be more ahead then other's. They have done also their efforts . Now this your turn to create new path and new destination to be followed by other's. 
I have learned with my experience that everyone has a different road to get their dream. You are different one and you are supposed to get different. So enjoy your all of surroundings, friends family and near dear as they help you support you, not necessary at your way, they can support you by another way , as sometimes critic also motivate us.

Enjoy with everyone but be with your self 

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