Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Precious Stone for Strong Bridge

               " Some relations are like birds of a feather flock together and some need to build bridge"

We all have many kinds of relations, like friends, spouse, children, colleagues, parents, neighbors, relatives etc. Every relation has different flavor and decorated with different kind of emotions,like love, responsibility, trust, honesty, loyalty,care and lot of....
Some relations have all flavours but not exist for long . When I took a deep round , I found that one precious stone was missing to build this bridge strong. This is respect to each other. 
We ever take this word as how to talk each other. But a friend never talk in manner with us . Respect doesn't mean how we treat each other infact it means how we accept each other and how we react to each other.
If I try to say in very simple words then I would like to say that respect "The self respect" of others.
Just embrace other's feelings, emotions, thoughts, vision, believes , religions, their perception towards their life.
When we hurt someone , is like a broken mirror into some pieces ,still we have chance to pick a piece and use this like a mirror and we can decorate it by sone efforts. But when we hurt someone's self respect , it seems , a crushed mirror which have smallest pieces, now we can't use it again by any effort.
Every relation is beautiful, it depends on us how we design it. Every relation need their respected space . So respect each other and live happily
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