Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to accept others

Today I was walking in a garden and notice that the main attraction was there , different kind of flowers . Everything was different like their colours, sizes, fragrances, infact their lives also. As a point I thought why these are different. Yes because they grow from different kinds of seeds , infact their quantity of food, their need of atmosphere and their timing to grow is also different. But they never criticize each other, never instruct each other and never teach each other how to grow , infact they never question each other that why you are not like me . They grow in their own way . Infact make a garden beautiful together . They could do such things because they accept each other as they are , and they know how to keep themselves unique as they are . There is a lot of lessons to learn at nature . Just love yourself and love others. Be a companion ,not a owner of any one ,
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